novembro 03, 2011

Conferência InSite 2012 

CALL FOR PAPERSsubmissions accepted now through Nov. 30InSITE 2012 Informing Science & IT Education: A Conference in Four Parts:Connect, TeachIT, TeLE, and Inform

June 22 - 27, 2012 Concordia University, Montréal, Canadáhttp://InSITE.nu
June 22-23
June 23-27
Connect with Industry
Teaching and Learning about IT

Technology Enhanced Learning Environments

Informing Science Research

InSITE: Connect consists of study in various locations on the transmission of information across time and space by focusing on the interrelationship between context (historical forces and culture) and information/knowledge transfer.

InSITE: Inform solicits papers in any area that explores issues in effectively and efficiently informing clients through IT (information technology).The purpose is to encourage and enable the sharing of knowledge and collaboration among the wide variety of fields that use information technology to inform clients. Here are some of these areas: Communications, Community and Society, Computer Science, Data Communications, Distance Education, eCommerce, Education, Government, Health Care, Human Resources, Medicine, History, Information & Library Sciences, Journalism, Justice and Law, Mathematics, Management, Psychology, Public Policy, Sociology, Technology, and Working Together.

InSITE: TeachIT focuses on research topics related to teaching IT, including curricular issues, capstone courses, pedagogy, and emerging topics in IT. Papers that cover research in Information Technology Education, such as Curriculum and Techniques for teaching IT are invited.
InSITE: TeLE focuses on research topics related to using IT to teach. For example, these topics include e-Learning, m-Learning, making classroom teaching more effective, and distance learning. Papers that deal with any aspect of knowledge, easessment, eLearning, eportfolios, distance education, instructional technologies, mLearning, and learning objects (theory, practice, innovation, & research) are invited.
All submissions undergo blind review by six or more external referees. Accepted papers of delegates are published in the conference proceedings and possibly one of the Institute's journals.

Conference Chair: Alan Hochstein, Dean, John Molson School of Business
Hosted by: Concordia University John Molson School of Business
Official Conference of the Informing Science Institute


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